About the Categories

Most of them are self-explanatory. It’s meant to organize the movies into more specific categories so you can look at different ones you might like.

  • They do give away something, some people might consider it a spoiler to know that its a crazy person with a knife and not a ghost. I haven’t found any Scooby Doo unmasking movies yet where you think its a ghost but then oh, no, its the gardener and the real monsters are people. If I do, I’d probably say ghost to avoid ruining that, or say nothing about the ultimate villain.
  • Only At The End is a useful category, but I wouldn’t judge movies with this distinction as automatically bad. I’ll mention in the overall review if there’s any reason to watch it. Movies like Creep usually have so much weird shit going on in the bulk of the movie, that even though the conclusion is the main action it’s still worth watching. Also, generally when I say ‘only at the end’, I mean that’s when people start dieing and it becomes a horror movie
  • Free Streaming means I found the full movie on a google or youtube search. I might not have watched it on there. I don’t want to post a link and then find out it’s illegally uploaded on there or have to update links that go bad, so do a search for yourself and see if you find it. Most of these are on streaming services that you pay monthly for, but I also don’t feel like updating and keeping track of that.