Ratter (2016)

Ratter (2016)


This was long and boring with an off-camera ending. That’s the real downfall of found-footage in my opinion, directors start to believe if you hear a scuffle and a death or whatever happened off-camera, it’ll be satisfactory. But it’s really just a lot of build-up to a slammed door in the face.

The main story is following a girl around as she moves into her new apartment in New York, gets into her college classes, gets a boyfriend, and chats with people back home and her new friends. Presumably she has a tablet with a stand or a laptop, because the camera is always facing her and not on purpose. There’s a number of time where it makes no logistical sense that a camera is facing her. The footage is actually being compiled by a stalker who turns on the camera and watches everything she does, occasionally tip-toeing around her apartment while she sleeps too. When she’s aware of the stalker, she spends a lot of time crying and jumping around, but zero time with actual people with her. Spending all her time alone crying about a stalker comes to a natural conclusion.

Maybe this was meant to be a statement on stalking, or maybe the director didn’t want it to be a weird snuff film, but in the end it’s just dull and leads nowhere. The acting was decent and I want that apartment. I assume her dad owns an entire country or something, cause most people I know in New York live in closets. Sometimes literally.




Special Effects:

N/A. I mean, there isn’t even blood for the final scene. Actually, I’m gonna rate that as bad.