2 Jennifer (2016)

2 Jennifer (2016)


I don’t know what makes a movie good, to be clear. I like weird shit for movies. This is some weird shit that not many people will be willing to sit through.

The main story is there was a movie called To Jennifer (I’m gonna have to look that up later) and this guys is attempting to make the sequel. It’s similar to Creep in a few ways, but  I would say that Creep was more entertaining to watch, however this one had a more entertaining ending. You know from the start how this is going to go down. The main reason to watch this is to see how it ultimately unfolds. The unraveling of the whole thing is very well done. As weird and awkward as it is to watch this movie, I think they went full on psycho and took their time with the conclusion. That’s great because so many movies that put the action at the very end make it so fast that it feels like such a waste of time to have watched all of that.

So, I recommend it, but watch it on your own because no one else is going to want to sit threw it. Feel free to fast forward to the last half hour.




Special Effects:

N/A, nothing paranormal or anything.