Creep (2015)

Creep (2015)


Have you ever been out at a bar with your friends, and one of them starts talking to this person that you are certain is a total freak? Imagine you can’t get your friend to ditch this person, so you end up tagging along with them for a bit and seeing how weird this shit can get. That’s this movie. This whole movie you just want to slap the victim across the face and scream “Run, you fucking moron!”

It’s awesome.

I love this movie. I’ve seen it a few times, showing it to other people mostly. And it’s not scary, not really. The bad guy is this super friendly, bright eyed and bushy tailed, smart, articulate, absolute fucking psycho. The victim is some cameraman who saw a craigslist ad and thought he’d make some easy money.

Saying anything else would spoil it. I recommend getting high and letting the paranoia carry you along.





Special Effects:

N/A, there weren’t any.