The Tunnel (2011)

The Tunnel (2011)


A crew of journalists investigate underground tunnels where people may have been getting attacked and disappearing. It’s meant to be a news/current events documentary with interviews with ‘experts’ and all that in the opening scenes. They show government officials avoiding questions and people becoming hysterical while talking about their experiences.

This part goes on for twenty-three minutes, which is longer than most spend introducing the area and conspiracy. It’s not too boring for an introduction, but it does feel like it drags on a little too long. Also, it keeps going back to the documentary interviews. As a personal preference, I’d rather just stay immersed in the footage than go back to the people who obviously survived now explaining what was going on. None of this is poorly done though, the acting was fine and the events in the tunnels unfolded at a good pace.

It’s not really scary. There’s a few moments where it amps up some intensity, but you know from the beginning who survives because of the documentary interviews, so it’s hard to get too worried. Then there are some jump scares, but these are super super blurry. And the timing is a little obvious so you are waiting for it.





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