Devil's Pass (2013)

Devil’s Pass (2013)


There as an original (albeit not-so-realistic) story in this with an interesting conclusion that as not at all predictable. I recommend this movie, especially if you’re looking for something to watch with other people. There’s a lot of action and some great twists and turns.

The story is these college kids going to Russia to film a documentary about the dyatlov pass incident. First off, I remember people from college refusing to drive one town over to work on a group project. Flying to Russia? That’s ridiculous. Second, the incident it’s based on is apparently real. It’s an interesting story, too, and worth reading about. Anyway, in this movie, these students get out there and find a guide to get to the exact place where a bunch of skilled and experienced hikers died mysteriously. Through a set of insane circumstances, they end up trapped in a underground government experiment bunker. The ending comes a bit after that and I don’t want to ruin a second of it so I’ll stop right here.

This movie gets high marks from me all the way through. These people put a lot into this movie and it shows.


It’s great. They go to a lot of different places and the bunker itself is impressive.


Also great. They are believable, being awkward around each other and then pissed.


Great. Uses real mysteries and combines them into an interesting conspiracy theory.

Special Effects:

Fantastic. There’s creatures and things that are freaky af.