Blair Witch Project (1999)

Blair Witch Project (1999)


Most people know this movie as the first found footage movie. It wasn’t (I think that was cannibal holocaust), but it was the first major production one. It was advertised everywhere all the time. I think the overhype is what caused a lot of people to deeply hate this movie and every other found footage. It’s great in it’s own way, but it’s not for everyone and it’s infamous for having very little happen until the end.

The story is some paranormal investigators going into this town to ask about the legend of the blair witch, then deciding to go deep into the woods to see her house. They get lost, chased by some force, and go insane or frantic. And the fbi wants any information you may have to help them locate these kids.

There’s two sequels. The first one isn’t found footage and it’s so terrible and unrelated to this that I ill forever be confused by it’s existence. The second one is found footage, completely related too and similar to this, and I loved it. There should be a review for that coming up.


Nothing special. I mean, its the woods.


Great. It fooled a lot of movie-goers.


For the time, it was shocking. There’s a lot of imposters now but you have to respect the original.

Special Effects:

This was the real downfall of the movie from it’s harshest critics. There’s no special effects in a paranormal movie.