Blair Witch (2016)

Blair Witch (2016)


The people who made this learned a lot from what pissed people off about the first one. The scary stuff happens a lot sooner and goes on for a lot longer.

The story this time is following the younger brother of the girl who disappeared in the original. He finds a video online that might have his sister in it, and goes out to the woods with the people who uploaded it and some of his friends to see where the video as found. They’re filming it as a project for documentary class in college. That class kills so many college kids out in the woods you would think they would stop teaching it.

It’s not as believable as the first. For one, all the ‘college kids’ are older and gorgeous.  It’s a bit more Hollywood. However, it has a lot happening and it is much more fun to watch.


Nothing Special. It’s the woods again.


Not bad. A bit Hollywood and dramatic.


A continuation, followed the first one nicely.

Special Effect;

Excellent. Not even relying on jump scare entirely, there’s some authentically creepy intense shit going down.