As Above So Below (2014)

As Above So Below (2014)


I’d say this is the best example of Hollywood doing a found footage movie. I mean, I assume this was a major production with a good budget because I heard of it before I watched it. There were commercials + it was in theaters + I almost had to pay actual money to watch it myself = Hollywood big budget film.

The story revolves around the main girl assembling a team to go into that underground labyrinth of skeletons in Paris. The ultimate goal is the Philosopher’s Stone, which enables people to live forever. There’s lots of build up and tomb raider style puzzle solving before they actually end up in the catacombs, all of it pretty good but also like watching a fairytale. Like she would eventually pull a sword from the stone and be the true king. Still entertaining, just not made with much concern for pretending to be a real collection of found footage.

A lot of the things that happen to her and her team in the tunnels are specifically related to the characters and the skeletons in their past. I was a little confused on the first viewing because I never caught any clues as to why they died in such odd ways, but then it was explained to me there are backstories to each of the characters online that spell out clearly why these visions appeared and attacked or slaughtered them.




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