Grave Encounters (2011)

Grave Encounters (2011)


This film is the standard that all other paranormal investigator tv shows and movies should aspire too. Even the ones that aren’t fictional and just waste a bunch of time talking about a thump and a creak as their best evidence of a haunting, those especially need to toss in some elements from this movie.

The story isn’t anything unique, in fact it even bears a close resemblance to Ghost Adventures, an actual paranormal investigators show. The characters are all film crew and investigators going into an abandoned hospital, setting up cameras, and using all those bells and whistles(and smoke and mirrors) generally seen on these TV shows. They don’t go overboard with character development and the argument could be made that it’s predictable.

So, why is it good if it’s the same old thing? Because it is the best possible version of that genre. There’s dozens of these paranormal investigator movies in abandoned buildings and then they all get chased in the dark with night vision cameras and cry and scream and disappear. This one is the best in terms of acting, special effects, well rounded story line, and setting. The tension is high, the jump scares are decent, and it avoids all the pitfalls of a typical documentary horror film like exposition from the survivors while watching the footage.

Actually, the worst thing about this movie is that it makes it harder to watch all the other paranormal investigator ones. You know they won’t ever come this close to doing it right.




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